The goods and services shown below are those we can provide to our customers. You may choose only those items you desire, however, any funeral arrangement you select will include a charge for our basic services and overhead. If legal or other requirements indicate that you must buy any items that you did not specifically ask for, then we will explain the reason in writing on the statement we provide describing the necessity for the funeral goods and services selected.

Basic Services of Funeral Director & Staff

Our charge for this service includes consultation and arrangements with family, clergy, cemetery or crematory and others as required. This also includes preparation, filing and securing notices, authorizations and permits, assistance with forms, and notary service.


Except in certain special cases, embalming is not required by law. Embalming may be necessary, however, if you select certain funeral arrangements, such as a funeral with viewing. If you do not want embalming, you usually have the right to choose an arrangement or service which does not require you to pay for it such as direct cremation or immediate burial.

Preparation of the Body

This selection includes dressing, casketing, cosmetics, special restoration, or autopsy case, preparation of body for identification prior to cremation.


We ship domestic and international to any destination.

Other Services

  • Use of facilities and staff for viewing
  • Use of facilities and staff for Funeral Ceremony
  • Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home*
  • Use of Hearse on Funeral Service*
  • Use of Limousine on Funeral Service*
  • Service Vehicle/Flower Car*

*3 Hour Maximum – $75 Each Additional Hour
Additional services may be available and provided based on individual request. Please note that discounted prices are available with the selection of a service package (including casket selection) from Range Funeral Home.