N. Patrick Range

Funeral Director, Owner
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Mr. N. Patrick Range, Sr. is the current owner of Range Funeral Homes of Greater Miami, FL, founded in 1953. He has worked tirelessly in the funeral industry as a Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer for over 50 years. Mr. Range obtained his license in 1965 after matriculating at the New England Institute of Anatomy following the death of his father and founder of Range Funeral Homes, Oscar L. Range, Sr., in 1960.

After obtaining his license, Patrick would return to Miami to partner with “my mentor, my guide, my inspiration, my mom”, Mrs. M. Athalie Range, in a relationship that lasted 45 years in the family owned funeral home. After his mother’s death in 2006, Mr. Range has continued his father’s and mother’s legacy as the principal of Range Funeral Homes.

In the funeral profession, Mr. Range is an active member for many years of the First Regional District of the Florida Morticians Association, Inc. He is past president of the same. He is a member of the Epsilon Nu Delta Mortuary Fraternity, and serves on the Advisory Board of the Miami-Dade College Department of Funeral Service. He is also actively involved with the National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association, having served on the Executive Board of the same, representing the State of Florida as its President. Mr. Range was recognized by his peers as the “Mortician of the Year” in 2006 by both the First Regional District of Florida and the State of Florida Mortician’s Association. In 2010, N. Patrick Range, Sr. received the distinct honor of being named the Robert H. Miller “Professional of the Year” by his funeral service colleagues of the National Funeral Directors & Morticians Association. This award is given annually to the most outstanding Funeral Director in the United States.

N. Patrick Range, II

Manager & General Counsel
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N. Patrick Range II is a third generation operator/ manager of Range Funeral Home. Mr. Range has worked at Range Funeral Home since the age of 6, when he would accompany his father on funeral services. It was through working with his father and grandmother that he developed a love and affinity for the business of funeral service. While his love for funeral service keeps him involved at Range Funeral Home, Patrick II would love to see the business continue as a legacy in the community for generations to come.